Virtue is its own reward. If your company or environmental nonprofit is involved in the complicated matter of helping save the planet, however, it should publicize its mission. Orange Orchard can help your organization — whether a Fortune 500 corporation, nonprofit or franchise network — communicate its values and efforts to improve the environment. This cements your position as an ethical player, and people appreciate companies that take actions that match their own values. This builds brand loyalty.

We can simplify a technical message and add context

Not all environmental or sustainability improvements are created equally, of course. A manufacturing company may upgrade its production line with complicated processes that reduce water consumption, limit waste or reduce the amount of plastic in their products. The expert public relations practitioners at Orange Orchard include writers and brand managers who are adept at breaking down complex and technical processes into understandable and digestible material for your existing and potential customers.

We can also provide context about why something as seemingly simple as a litter cleanup campaign is important to the environment at large. We know that everything flows downstream, including harmful plastics like drinking straws. There are far too many heartbreaking images of freshwater and sea life, birds and other animals injured by plastics like straws, plastic bags, or abandoned fishing line. Most humans, at heart, are compassionate, and who wouldn’t seize an opportunity to keep a plastic bag out of a whale’s blowhole or a straw out of a turtle’s beak?

We communicate that you care

When people see your company leading the charge on green or sustainable products or actions, this compassion can translate to brand loyalty. That can translate to a positive impact on company profits. But you need to get your message out to communicate to consumers the fact that you care.

We have the tools and expertise to help you craft strong and lasting statements on your company’s commitment to sustainability.

Simply doing the right thing for the Earth and environment can bolster your bottom line and leave your competitors green with envy. We can also help you set an example for the better angels of our own species.

Contact Orange Orchard for more information about how we use creativity, connections and context to tell your sustainability story.