Last week, I found cream cheese from Miyoko’s Creamery in a friend’s fridge. A few months ago, a different friend served plant-based cheese as a part of his appetizer spread. Now, neither of these folks are vegan. One of them isn’t even a vegetarian. They’re both just choosing to make better choices for their bodies and the planet.

Vegan and plant-based foods are becoming more and more common in households around the world. And we’re talking tasty, delicious creations. Our CEO Heather Ripley has passed along several of her favorite recipes that are absolutely delightful. A recent article puts it best, though: When did vegan cheese get so good? Writer Alicia Kennedy credits the innovative shift to nuts rather than soybeans as the base for “cheese.”

As more chefs and cheesemakers realize the possibilities of adding cultures to various nut, seed, and legume milks and allowing those flavors to bloom, the more the vegan cheese market will continue to expand.

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