Garnering attention for your animal welfare organization or the animal issues your company supports involves more than just posting compelling pictures of the beautiful creatures you are working to help.

To stand out and secure the donors who help you achieve your goals, you’ll need a combination of public relations campaigns, media outreach and open events to draw notice to your commitments. Effective animal welfare public relations strategies can build relationships with corporate donors and public champions.

To ensure your group gets the notice it needs, you can:

Write a press release

The first goal of a press release is to garner attention to your organization and its goals. For best results, your press release should tie into something newsworthy that is happening now or will happen soon. If your group is hosting a fundraising event or engaging in a celebration involving the public, your press release should promote these activities.

Offer to author a guest column or become a thought-leader in your field

One of the best ways to get your organization noticed by potential donors and sponsors is to personalize your cause by putting a human face alongside the faces of the animals your group serves. Writing a column about your cause or becoming the go-to news source on a topic associated with your organization helps associate your group as one that finds solutions.

Host events

The more often you host and promote events that raise awareness of issues facing the animal groups you sponsor, the more often your organization gets its name and concerns in front of potential donors.

Identifying and partnering with a public relations firm that shares your passion for all life on this planet is necessary to add the credibility and top-of-mind awareness your organization needs.

At Orange Orchard, we champion animal welfare organizations and support cruelty-free brands as part of our company culture. Our experts make sure that your message reaches the right audience through a complex PR blueprint that includes assisting with your social media platforms, writing press releases and calling upon our diverse list of connections in the media.

If you are thinking about hiring a PR partner to build the profile of your animal welfare campaigns, give us a call at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online.