Consumers are being more conscientious about the products they buy. As climate change continues to be a part of the daily news cycle, consumers are willing to open up their wallets and spend a little more for those companies practicing green initiatives. According to GlobalWebIndex, 60% of internet users are paying more for eco-friendly products.

So, in turn, more companies are adding green thinking to their brands. The use of environmental public relations can help get your green initiatives out to the public without sounding self-serving.

With more companies now looking to cash in on being environmentally conscious. Green PR agencies like Orange Orchard, can help your brand stand out from the pretenders. Here are a few ways your brand can be reinvented effectively by partnering with an environmental PR team to promote your green initiatives:

  • Authenticity. Some companies are guilty of greenwashing. One example of greenwashing would be saying that a product is eco-friendly and organic, but the process to make that product actually harms the environment. Green public relations can help promote the legitimacy of your verified practices. Through earned media appearances, your environment claims can be promoted to provide trust and authenticity.
  • Environmental Media. So how can actual value be added to your brand and the public? Through green PR, the right agency will target specific media covering environmental issues and green initiatives. Through these outlets, you can be positioned as a company who puts their money where their mouth is. The right agency can get you in front of the right journalist and, in turn, the right audience. As trusted journalists continue to verify what your company is doing, other businesses and the buying public can learn from your practices.
  • Advantage Over Competitors. By doing the two points above, environmental PR will position you above your competitors without hateful attacks. Remember, you don’t want to sound self-serving. It won’t appear to the public as though you’re bragging. Non-promotional media coverage, that a company like Orange Orchard can earn, provides an advantage over the competition because your brand will simply be seen as a company doing the right thing for the right reasons.

With a world of consumers focusing on green values, don’t let your brand get behind with the fossil fuels. Orange Orchard, an environmental public relations agency, partners with brands that are showing green initiative and making a difference to our planet. If you want to learn more about how our agency can help with your brand’s reinvention through promoting your green initiatives, visit the website or call us at (865) 977-1973.