When it comes to keeping your animal welfare organization going day in and day out, support of dedicated staff and volunteers are key.

Just how valuable is the gift of time?

Deal Aid reports the value of one volunteer hour is $29.95, which is a 4.9% increase from 2022. The report also states that more than 30% of Americans volunteer at least once a year. So, don’t you want to steer some of them your direction to spend their time working on your mission?

Deal Aid also reports an investment of time often evolves into a financial gift with 85% of volunteers donating money to the organizations where they volunteer.

And when people choose to dedicate their time and efforts to your cause – when they could spend their time doing anything else – that speaks volumes about the positive experiences you can provide and impact of your work.

An animal welfare public relations partner such as Orange Orchard can help share the inspirational stories about the people who have joined your organization and mission in animal care and welfare.

The team of professionals at Orange Orchard can help you write a blog for your website featuring a volunteer of the week. We can also help you plan your social media calendar and create posts with a captivating photo and copy. Both are great places to showcase their role and story of why your organization is a great place to fulfill a desire to serve.

And don’t forget to include the volunteers who may be offering their writing, fundraising or technical skills remotely. This allows others to see the flexible structures and schedules available to volunteers.

Be sure to include details and information about how others can sign up to volunteer and join your team.  Many people looking to meet volunteer requirements for school may decide they enjoy it so much they’ll keep coming back.

And doesn’t a little recognition and kudos go a long way to encourage all the members of your team – employees and volunteers alike?

Are you ready to shine a spotlight on the volunteers that help your organization nurture and care for animals each and every day? Contact us or give us a call at (865) 977-1973.