There is a lot happening in the world lately. Pandemics, floods, fires, earthquakes, melting ice caps, species being added to the endangered list or becoming extinct – you name it, something is going on. With so many environmental issues in the news, on social media and reaching us through other channels, it’s hard for your sustainable brand’s message to be heard among all the clutter.

PR can simplify your message

There is a way your planet-friendly business can cut through the chaos and home in on the target audience your business wants without adding to the confusion. Partner with an experienced sustainable public relations agency like Orange Orchard. We simplify the message to appeal to your specific audience while still differentiating you from your competition. We know where your business’ message needs to be to reach the customers who want your service or product.

Experience counts

We’ve successfully created PR campaigns for sustainable brands that are in line with each client’s needs and wants, taking care to be as eco-conscious as we can. We understand your sensibilities because we work with green business every day, and we have built solid relationships with key industry media and publications who want to hear your story. And as master storytellers, our expert writers and former journalists are successfully obtaining coverage for earth-friendly brands every day.

You don’t have to be one of the many

It seems as if there is a new environmentally-conscious brand launching its product or service every time you check your Facebook page, Twitter feed or Instagram account. But you don’t have to be one of the many sustainable brands hoping to get a break in this crowded market. By hiring a sustainable PR firm like Orange Orchard, we’ll create a plan that gets your brand seen and heard in the right way, not through a bunch of expensive and unsuccessful ads. We’ll get you noticed where it matters most, and on the platforms your target audience frequents.

Orange Orchard gets results, and we can show you how we’ll do it for your business. We have an experienced and talented staff at the ready, so give us a call at 865.977.1973 or visit our website.