A recent report published by FONA International, a leading global manufacturer of food and beverage flavors, shares some interesting insight into plant-based food market trends:

  • The plant-based food market is valued at a growing $5 billion
  • The number of Americans following plant-based diets increased by 300% in the last 15 years
  • 47% of 13 to 39-year-olds mention that they opt for plant-based beverages and/or plant-based meat regularly

It is clear that consumers are increasingly interested in adding plant-based products to their grocery lists.

But how do you ensure your product is the one that is placed in the consumer’s shopping cart?

It’s simple: Brand recognition.

Working with a team of professionals who understand the ins and outs of plant based public relations can be exactly what your brand needs to pull ahead of the competition.

Sharing your latest product releases and updates with professional press releases and consistent placement in the news that your target market follows are only two examples of ways that a PR strategy can help you stick out in the crowded market.

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