For all the disruptions introduced by 2020, some niche markets, like green construction, have seen a measured uptick in interest and growth. In fact, during a year that many in construction have simply tried to weather as best they can and maintain, those focused on and supplying the sustainable building sector are seizing the opportunity to innovate and grab more market share.

Take Vancouver-based Nexii Building Solutions for example. The company, founded in 2018, has developed Nexiite in efforts to reduce the environmental impact of the very foundation of construction. Forbes reported in June of this year:

The material is meant to replace concrete, which has a high carbon footprint, and the company has attracted the likes of Ronald Sugar, Uber chairman and board director at Apple, to its advisory board.

Nexii isn’t the only company vying for the crown of low-carbon concrete alternatives.

According to CNBC, Australian materials firm Boral has partnered with the University of Technology Sydney to pursue greener alternatives for traditional concrete through a 5-year R&D deal.

Anmar Frangoul reports in the same CNBC story:

These include Netherlands-based StoneCycling. The firm says its “WasteBasedBricks” are produced “from a minimum of 60% waste” and “suitable for interiors and exteriors.”

In the U.K., the DB Group has developed Cemfree, which it describes as a “totally cement-free alternative to conventional concrete.” To date, the material has been used in a number of settings, including part of the M25, a major motorway in the south of England.

The space is already crowded around concrete alternatives alone. No matter your specific area of innovation, if you’re planning to stand out, the time is now to partner with an experience green construction public relations team.

Thought Leadership

If you’ve already been promoting your green construction business regularly, you know there’s little more exciting than scoring an interview about your efforts and developments in a valued industry outlet. Answering questions with information directly about your company and products feels exhilarating, and we completely agree.

Any experienced PR agency will tell you, however, that traditional interview opportunities aren’t found around every corner anymore.

Most journalists are simply looking for sources to help inform a story, and many publications are now accepting (and actively seeking) pre-written content from expert contributors.

If you partner with a green construction public relations team with a talented in-house content department, they can help develop and edit articles for submission to the publications your target audience reads. To fit journalistic standards, they usually can’t be promotional. However, a skillful PR editor can help you craft an engaging piece that will elevate you as a thought leader and build credibility among your peers and target customers.

Your PR team can then help maximize these articles through social media shares and using them as credibility adds during media outreach.

Don’t hesitate to take your thought leadership in the sustainable building space to the next level.

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