Having a diverse marketing strategy for any business can help reach a wide range of consumers. A professional plant-based public relations partner will utilize social media, website blogs, press releases, and other avenues such as newsletters and direct communication to get the word out about your business. In addition to these methods, public speaking will help connect with your customers and provide a direct, personal touch for lead generation.

The experts at Orange Orchard share reasons why your plant-based brand should engage in speaking opportunities for wider exposure.


When a consumer can visually see a company professional during a speaking opportunity, they can quickly assess the knowledge of the representative and determine if they are tending to their vegan needs. Presenting yourself as knowledgeable will forge trust and provide ease of mind to the consumer that you are a reliable resource.


Public speaking and live online presentations provide a personal touch for the material distributed to your audience. By interacting and networking before, during and after a speaking engagement, the connections made will strengthen your position in the plant-based brand industry. Spend time making connections to help build relationships. Tip: introduce yourself to the host of the event as they generally will know all key players in the room for you to interact with.


Word of mouth is a great way to organically grow your brand. And while one speaking event can help spread that word, making yourself available to speak at more events can widen your reach and expand exposure to your brand. Getting to know attendees at speaking events will assist in determining a mutual benefit in speaking at their business. Additionally, contacting local businesses and associations in your community and providing them with professional marketing material that also offers your speaking engagement opportunities, will further expand your exposure.

The Orange Orchard vegan public relations professionals can tailor a public speaking campaign to expand your brand’s authority in the industry. Contact us at (865) 977-1973 or visit the website for more information.