Part of growth is sharing that growth. If nobody knows what’s going on with your business, it’s likely that growth will plateau, or even nosedive. Vegan franchise public relations is an effective tool to utilize to ensure your expansion is going out to the masses.

A team like Orange Orchard PR, will develop a custom outreach strategy to secure earned media in your desired and needed markets.

Earned Media

Let’s go back to 101 class for a moment. What is earned media? Your vegan franchise just opened it’s second restaurant. We write a press release and share that with the VegNews. VegNews runs that release in the business section. Voila! You have just earned coverage without having to pay for it.

This is just one example, with an experienced vegan PR team, you can expect to see your business news coverage increases based on merit and not promotional dollars. Earned coverage is an effective tool when used correctly. Sending your new vegan restaurant news to Plumber Magazine wouldn’t make too much sense, but sending it to your business, trade and local media will.

Local Media

Part of the perks of a franchise is the national exposure, however, without a local presence and stronghold in the communities that make up the national audience, there would be no franchise.

If you’re opening a business in Knoxville, Tennessee, the local media will want to know about it. By getting a press release published, holding a grand opening and inviting media, and other strategies, you can begin to sustain your growth by ensuring franchisee’s customer base know you’re in town. Without a strong local foundation, your expansion can’t be showcased or sustained nationally.

National Media

If you’re trying to become a household name and see your expansion on Franchise Times or even Entrepreneur Magazine, it’s important have a good foundation built from your local coverage and earned media. It’s important to cultivate great relationships with national reporters and be ready when the phone call or email comes. By appearing on franchise industry podcast, vegan industry publications and general business media, your brand will be flourishing.

National coverage leads to more brand awareness and more people across the planet aware of your brand. It’s important to have a team that understands how to get you there.

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