You’re doing great work for the planet, and you’re ready to get the word out there. Partnering with an agency specialized in vegan public relations can give your initiatives the exposure they deserve.

Veganism is growing more prevalent among consumers. About 5 percent of respondents said they were vegan in the 2022 Statista Global Consumer Survey on diets and nutrition in the U.S.

Here’s why it’s worth it to hire the right vegan PR experts:

A plant-based PR agency shares your values and understand the work you do.

You feel strongly about your mission. The PR agency working with you should, too. If an agency doesn’t believe in your brand, their work will come off as fake and insincere. Choosing a team experienced in vegan public relations will ensure that your key messages remain on point and your brand is painted in the greenest light.

The right pitch or press release will garner earned media in magazines, newspapers and news programs. An agency like Orange Orchard knows how to publicize your business in ways that appeal to a wide audience beyond your loyal base.

Vegan public relations specialists have the background and experience to hit the right target media.

After after developing the right message, you have to know who to send that message to. Pick up on the right media outlet can take a blooming initiative and make it a household name.

Our team at Orange Orchard consists of both veteran PR pros and experienced journalists with years of experience working with the media. Our carefully built media lists and relationships with sources make it easier to connect with the audience you’re targeting. We want to use those pre-existing connections to get your message out there.

A plant-based PR agency can then help you maximize the impact of the coverage you receive.

In addition to being well-connected with your target media, the right PR agency will know the right steps to take after you’ve received some media pick up. This includes content creation such as blogs and social media as well as more internal communication, such as your company newsletter.

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