Unless you run in investor circles, you may not have encountered the term “Environmental, Social, Governance” or, simply, ESG. This term refers to a particular investment strategy that prioritizes corporate social responsibility and ethical business practices for making investing decisions.

Socially responsible investing, and ESG in particular, has become enormously popular with millennial investors. As this generation has come of age, it has brought its business approach with it. That means interest in social concerns is now a primary driver of investment decision-making.

Why ESG matters for your company

If your business isn’t a publicly traded company, it might be easy to dismiss ESG as irrelevant to your business. The truth is, ESG should be a concern for any company, regardless of size.

The same millennial generation that is influencing the future of investing also makes up an enormous swath of the consumer public. And these consumers are just as concerned with environmental and social issues as their investor counterparts.

Today’s consumers want to know whether or not the companies they support are taking care of the environment, investing in green tech, or adopting green business practices. They also want to know if the businesses they patronize are working to enrich their communities. They want to know that employees and customers are treated fairly.

Green Public Relations helps tell your ESG story

Here is where an experienced green public relations firm like Orange Orchard comes in. As a firm skilled in environmental public relations, we have the tools and expertise to help you tell your ESG story.

Whether it’s a publicly traded corporation or a medium-size home services business, your company needs to get the word out about how it is protecting the environment, engaging with and giving back to the local community, and being a responsible member of society.

If you’re doing good, let people know. Millennial customers, just like millennial investors, want to be part of something that is making the world a better place. And the only way they will know the good your business is doing is if you tell them.

Ready to put green public relations to work telling your story? Contact Orange Orchard today so we can put our experience to work for you.