Supporters are some of the most important voices in your animal welfare foundation. Supporter relationships are vital to the success of an animal welfare organization, so making sure they feel involved and valued is imperative. When nurturing these relationships, it’s important to remember what’s significant to them and keep it top of mind.

However, there are some quick ways to lead supporters to give the cold shoulder to your cause:

  1. Lack of Involvement

Supporters thrive in a mutualistic relationship, meaning their donations reciprocate their involvement in your brand. Keeping them involved in events, key decisions, and the general goings-on of your company are key to keeping supporters around.

  1. Lack of Transparency

Monetary donations are the most popular types of donations that foundations receive. Many supporters give because they know exactly where their funds will be distributed. By keeping that information private, many will turn away because they feel their donations are being wasted.

  1. Lack of Appreciation

Supporters won’t stick around if they don’t feel appreciated – plain and simple. By offering appreciation events, social media callouts and newsletter mentions, you can make sure they feel valued and important to the organization.

  1. Lack of Vision

Supporters are going to give to organizations and brands with a clear future, vision, and motivation. If a brand doesn’t have a plan, fresh ideas, or a drive to move forward, many supporters will see that their givings are distributed elsewhere.

Supporter relationships are vital, and they can be tricky to maintain. By partnering with an animal welfare public relations team like Orange Orchard, you can rest easy knowing that your messaging is clear and relationships are being maintained.

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