Animal welfare foundations haven’t been exempted from the chaos caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Lockdown restrictions have made it challenging to hold typical fundraising campaigns.

During this difficult time, hiring a public relations firm whose purpose is to gain attention and publicity for your foundation’s cause can make a major difference in whether stakeholders, supporters, donors and other audiences see and act on your animal welfare messaging.

But should you hire an animal welfare public relations specialty agency like Orange Orchard or a traditional full-service agency? The answer is yes.

Often, a generalist agency is fully qualified to manage accounts spanning a wide range of industries. But, while that type of PR firm is capable of handling your foundation’s overall PR needs, a specialist agency can do that plus offer your organization PR expertise and skill in the animal welfare space specifically.

Here are some advantages a specialty agency provides:

  • Deep knowledge of the animal welfare space and how to best use that knowledge to benefit your organization
  • Access to social media influencers and thought leaders in animal welfare causes, gathered from years of work and experience
  • Relationships with national and global animal welfare-friendly media, publication staff and editors to get your messages covered
  • Successful experience writing press releases that differentiate you from the competition and advocate for your organization

There are many reasons your animal welfare organization needs a compassionate, caring specialty PR agency like Orange Orchard. We are on the same page with you, your organization and your supporters, and we can help your animal welfare foundation reach its highest purpose. Call us at (865) 977-1973 and let us map out a dynamic PR plan for you.