Learning to talk with the media is more than just dressing properly, sitting correctly and knowing how to massage your talking points, especially when the focus is on your plant-based or vegan operation.

It’s probably no secret to you that there are already misconceptions surrounding plant-based or vegan diets but learning to deal with the media and the public is a skill that can help you clear up errors or, more importantly, prevent them in the first place.

At Orange Orchard, our plant-based public relations team can help you navigate the challenges and intricacies of a press interview and turn it into a media coup for your plant-based product or service.

Know your talking points and prepare for your interview

The team at Orange Orchard can help you develop your talking points, stay on message and rehearse your delivery.  In addition to simply knowing your material, you need to be aware of who the interviewer is, what they normally cover and what they hope to learn from you.

We can also coach you about what not to say. Understanding language and how to use it so as not to reveal proprietary information, make inappropriate observations or be too self-promotional are just as important as knowing what you should say.

Everyone who has a public-facing role needs media training

Whether you are your company’s spokesperson, CEO or other top official, professional media training is a necessity if you are in a public-facing role. Even if you’re not giving a formal interview, it is important to know what you say in company blogs, in press releases and especially on social media is fair game for the press – and even for hackers and other foes who might try to sabotage your organization.

According to a recent 23rd Annual Global CEO survey, nearly 80 percent of CEOs reported modifying their level of interaction on social media due to the risks. Adhering to some basic rules of media training will help you keep your company’s vegan-based messaging on track without adding an undue crisis management issue to your plant-based plate.

At Orange Orchard, we champion those who care about sustainability and protecting the planet. Our vegan-based pr team is ready to help you learn to manage your public-facing role with media training. Contact us on our website or call us at (865) 944-1973 today to get started.