Now more than ever, consumers are in search of food ingredient transparency. A study from Response Media found 99 percent of consumers would pay more for fresh transparent products, and 98 percent for packaged transparent products. Consumers are more educated than ever, and vegans in particular fully expect their food brands to be 100 percent honest about their ingredients.

If you want to highlight the transparency of your ingredients, build that trust with your audience through vegan public relations.

Through PR, you gain the most trustworthy platform of all: earned media. Published articles, interviews and press releases go a long way in not only brand recognition, but getting your mission across. If others are talking about your products in their truest form, you can’t help but be transparent, putting you a step ahead of the competition and gaining the trust of your target audience.

As a vegan-owned public relations agency, Orange Orchard knows what your target audience wants to know about your product and whom they trust for news. If your ingredients are something to be proud of, public relations helps you spread that message in the most genuine way.

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