Everyone loves a feel-good story and positive news! When they involve animals, it’s just that much better. As a non-profit animal welfare foundation or organization, you have plenty to be proud of. You are working to make the world a better place for all animals, so it’s important to show it to potential donors, volunteers or sponsors.

Many organizations are hesitant to spread the word about all the positives that are going on within their company because they are humble individuals. However, it is important to showcase your good news because it shows that your organization is on the right track and staying true to its mission. Plus, it’s OK to toot your own horn from time to time.

When crafting the messaging around your announcement, consider partnering with a PR agency with expertise in animal welfare public relations, like Orange Orchard. These organizations have experience in announcing good news for animal welfare foundations while also having strong connections with journalists in the animal welfare space.

Animal welfare PR experts know how to develop messaging that not only showcases your good news but also your expertise as an expert in the industry. Once that message has been developed, lean on your animal welfare public relations agency by allowing them to develop content that can be pitched to industry publications.

Utilizing proactive media outreach, your PR agency can pitch your good news to help garner the attention of industry experts. This helps create media opportunities that can develop into interviews, podcast appearances, bylined articles, and so much more. Capitalizing on your good news helps provide positive PR and can help build brand awareness.

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