Over the years, the world has become more conscious of the importance of green products. Even larger companies like PepsiCo have made strides in becoming more environmentally friendly with its pledge to reduce 35% of virgin plastic content across its beverage portfolio by 2025, which is equal to the elimination of 2.5 million metric tons of cumulative virgin plastic. Locally, 11 Knox County Schools have installed solar panels on their buildings to both promote green energy and create savings for the district.

These accomplishments by PepsiCo and Knox County Schools deserve to be celebrated and recognized. We only have one earth to live on and using green products is a step forward in preserving the planet. While PepsiCo and Knox County Schools have ready-made machines to push out their content, some smaller companies may not have the same luxury.

Promoting your green initiatives is important, so it is vital to choose a public relations agency that shares your passion for preserving the planet. Green public relations agencies, like Orange Orchard, understands both your goals and your dedication to the cause. At Orange Orchard, we are very open about our desire to live in a healthier, cleaner and kinder world. We work with our clients daily to push and promote that agenda.

Our experts are persistent in their efforts to promote green initiatives using a variety of tools in their toolbox. Using media outreach, we pitch industry publications ideas to help our clients garner the media attention they deserve. Using our connections in the green industry, we will get your company news and achievements in the hands of trusted journalists and publications to increase your company’s visibility.

Social media is another resource our experts utilize to help our clients achieve their goal of promoting their green initiatives. More and more individuals are using social media to consume their content regularly. In addition to creating content such as press releases and blog articles for your company, our professionals can help schedule these assets to your social media platforms to reach broader audiences.

If you are ready to team with a PR agency that understands your green initiatives, give our experts a call at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online.