Animal testing productsThe modern consumer is more aware of what she is buying than ever before, and she factors in more than just cost and price. Those two variables are definitely part of the equation, but as millennials continue to see their purchasing power increase, they ask questions other than just “how much does it cost?” when buying something, even consumer staples like cleaning products.

Is this product environmentally friendly? Were these cleaners tested on animals? Are the ingredients cultivated in a sustainable way? These are just a few of the questions a millennial customer might ask.

If your cleaning products aren’t cruelty-free, then you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage. Even big-name brands have recognized that this isn’t a fad, but a way to maintain a position in the marketplace. As shoppers become more discerning and ask questions that can’t be answered by a price tag, those who refuse to take a more environmentally conscious approach will find their cruelty-free competitors are beating them in sales.

Cruelty-free products are not tested on animals. Many people might ask “What’s so bad about putting makeup on a rabbit?” But the reality is that these animals often have the components and materials from those products put into their eyes and ears and they are forcefully fed them. It is much more than just putting something on an animal’s skin. While this is well-intentioned—no one wants to buy a product that will harm them or their family—it does come at a cost to animals, and people have become increasingly aware of that cost.

That’s why this is more than just a marketing gimmick. This is what consumers are demanding right now, and that demand is only going to increase in the next five or 10 years. So manufacturers of household cleaning products can adapt or they may find themselves fighting an uphill battle against their competitors who have stopped testing on animals.

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