Choosing sustainable travel options like yours is, despite some economically challenging months of late, less of a choice and more of a default value statement for the two youngest generations of vacationing families and professionals. In fact, as reported in a Country & Town House article earlier this year, millennials are willing to pay an average of 46% more to travel sustainably. Gen Z’s average was an astounding 56% more. Knowing that the desire is there, it’s up to you to reach these potential travelers and focus their interest on your destination. One way to do this to implement an ecotourism public relations campaign that spans social media, online content and highly targeted earned media placement.

For example, at Orange Orchard, we’ve helped organizations develop strategies that meet their target audiences where they are. Since we’re passionate about environmentally friendly causes, we understand how critical it is for messaging to remain consistent across platforms, too. Let’s take a look at how you can become the destination or travel brand of choice for young explorers ready for their next adventure.

Mapping Out Your Ecotourism Public Relations Strategy

Earned Media: When your mission is to provide sustainable travel that satisfies the curious spirit and benefits the environment and those living in the area, chances are you have news to share. A good ecotourism PR team can help you identify your news, pitch the right journalists and add credibility to your organization through earned media placement. Adventurers seeing stories you’ve contributed to may very well choose you for their next getaway.

Social Media: The generations seeking sustainable and environmentally conscious travel the most are masters of social media. Including social media, or merging it, with your ecotourism public relations strategy ensures your messaging is consistent. It’s also a great place to share those earned media wins!

Blogging: If you’re not providing content on your website on a regular basis, you’re doing your organization a disservice. It’s critical to keep educational, fun content coming, and it makes your site easy to find. The right PR team may also be able to help look at your blogs and recommend a new SEO strategy to help boost your website traffic.

When your ideal guests are ready to book, don’t let them wander elsewhere. To learn more about Orange Orchard and how we can develop an ecotourism public relations strategy that works for you, please contact us at (865) 977-1973.