We can help your organization set up a good system

The best approach to reducing waste is to avoid creating it in the first place.

It’s known as “precycling.” It includes using reusable tote bags instead of plastic bags, or eating off plates instead of paper. Even the most ardent environmentalists among us, however, can have difficulty eliminating the waste that arises from our consumer culture. That means we all have to – and should – recycle whenever the need arises. Polls indicate most Americans support green business practices, so adding recycling to your conservation blueprint is good for your bottom line.

Orange Orchard can help businesses encourage recycling among their employees. Here are five key points to consider when promoting the practice.

  1. Recycling is in step with American values. It wasn’t that long ago that recycling was an act of patriotism. Raw materials were in short supply during World War II, so recycling was a way those on the home front could help the war effort. Principles of thrift and wise resource management are still a part of the American ideal.
  2. Recycling reduces the need for landfills. Do you want a garbage dump near your house? Of course not. Each American produces 4.5 pounds of waste per day, according to the EPA, and it has to go somewhere. Recycling diverts waste from municipal dumps, limiting the need for expansion and expensive, taxpayer-funded maintenance.
  3. Recycling consolidates dangerous waste. We’ve all seen the heartbreaking images of plastic straws trapped in the beaks of sea turtles. Birds and fish are killed or injured every day when they become hopelessly entangled in discarded plastics.
  4. Recycling saves trees. The limitless expanse of North American forests is largely gone. We can help preserve what’s left by ensuring there is an ample supply of recycled paper available for repurposing into new paper products.
  5. Recycling is easy. There are plenty of municipal and private options for recyclable collection from homes and offices. One way for businesses to encourage recycling is to establish permanent recycling stations for employees and visitors. Recycling guidelines can easily be distributed via email

Contact Orange Orchard for more information on how to set up a recycling system and communicate its importance to your clients and employees.