Beef and dairy farmers across the country are joining a new movement to convert their farms into nonprofit farm animal sanctuaries. Nonprofit organizations like The Surf and Turf, Cows Come Home and Rowdy Girl  have transitioned from traditional farm businesses to sanctuaries that offer an alternative to conventional farming. For farmers who are rethinking their operations, this is a great option, and it can be profitable too. So, to assist farmers who are considering a change, Orange Orchard wants to share a special offer to help sanctuaries garner media and community attention.

Our special media blast package will give your new nonprofit animal sanctuary all the resources it needs for the desired budget. From targeted, impactful press releases, to social media marketing and news media pitching and placements, Orange Orchard professionals are PR experts that share your vision for building a business based on an animal-friendly model. ​By converting your farm business to a sanctuary you can still enjoy a profitable business, but you can create a new model that meshes with your desire to move away from the standard beef and dairy farm genre.

Animal sanctuaries can offer educational community spaces for families to learn about animals and gain endless opportunities for income, depending on the type of sanctuary created. For example, the land that no longer supports large herds for dairy or beef production can be used for other purposes. Some former beef and dairy farmers grow fruits and vegetables for farmers markets, make maple syrup, plant and sell fast-growing trees, produce lumber or build sustainable and earth-friendly businesses.

Orange Orchard is dedicated to promoting your nonprofit animal sanctuary to the right audiences with intentional messaging to reach not only new customers, but donors and supporters, as well. For more information about how a public relations team can help your organization, please contact us today.