If your business has a unique focus on environmental or animal welfare issues, you need an agency relationship that supports your values. You work hard to ensure your company has a small carbon footprint, doesn’t support animal cruelty, and contributes to a clean and healthy environment. Green isn’t a gimmick, and you need to work with a PR agency that understands that.

Plant-based public reactions means working with an agency that shares your commitments. An environmentally conscious agency like Orange Orchard will have a proven track record of putting in the work to understand the unique needs of green businesses fully.

More than a slogan

Businesses that put green issues at the center need to share their story. The public needs to understand that being environmentally responsible or animal friendly is not a fad or a slogan for your business. An agency that doesn’t understand or share your commitment to these issues risks trivializing them.

Even worse, an agency that lacks a complete understanding of the issues can make a costly misstep in your business communication plan. In recent years, the term “greenwashing” has come into use. This simply refers to companies paying lip service to environmental issues without fully committing to addressing them.

At best, this is seen as marketing overreach. At worst, it can be a PR disaster.

Experience matters

That’s why you need an experienced PR firm that shares your green values. Orange Orchard has years of experience in plant-based public relations, helping green businesses tell their stories.

When you partner with us, you can rest easy knowing that the agency telling your story understands your values and shares your commitments. More importantly, we know the nuances of environmental and animal-rights issues. Because we speak your language, we can translate your story into success for your business. Reach out today to see how plant-based public relations can help you.