Consumers are increasingly aware of the products they purchase and the impact they have on the environment. Greenwashing has been heavily present in advertising for the last couple decades and that has left consumers feeling that there is a lack of authenticity when major brands make sustainability shifts.

When it comes to sustainability, marketing and advertising fall short in gaining the trust of a skeptical audience. Public relations is based on honesty, trust and integrity and has the power to promote your brand in a way that is authentic and credible. Your promotional material can only carry so far, when your message comes from a trusted third party, it is much more impactful. Public relations professionals take your values and key messages and target the media outlets your customers trust.

Earned Media

When journalists receive pitches and press releases from public relations professionals, they vet the subject to make sure it upholds the focus and journalistic standards of the publication. They aren’t looking for fluff or grandiose claims. They are asking “Is this a story I want to write?” and “How will this better my audience?” PR professionals are trained to appeal to journalists who are the gatekeepers of media coverage. When a journalist decides to publish your story, they have deemed it credible and beneficial to their audience. It’s earned because you earned the trust of the journalist to publish your story, which makes your message all the more powerful.

Do you feel your sustainability initiatives aren’t quite gaining the attention that you would like? Do you need help summarizing your key messages to make them more impactful? If you’re answering “yes”, we can help you!

We Can Help

We are more than just your average PR agency; we focus on things that matter, like sustainability. Teaming up with an environmental public relations agency like Orange Orchard, can help connect you with the media outlets that your customers trust to tell stories that highlight your business.

If you’re looking to ramp up your sustainability mission, or are looking to get your message out to a larger customer base, we’d love to talk with you about how PR can help generate trusted awareness. Call Orange Orchard at 865-977-1973 or contact us today.