Over the last decade, green construction has continued to increase in popularity. And for good reason — the benefits are clear. More green buildings are going up now than ever before, because more and more people are demanding their homes and workspaces be LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Given the benefits of green building, it’s imperative that green construction companies get the word out to as many potential customers as often as they can. And green construction public relations can help with that!

Environmental Advantages

Perhaps the most obvious advantage green construction has over traditional construction is significantly lessened negative environmental impact. The construction industry generally consumes about 30% of our world’s non-reusable resources every year. Green construction, on the other hand, requires more sustainable alternative materials and can significantly cut back on this depletion.

Likewise, a lot of green buildings today have self-contained water production systems, which conserves an enormous amount of water that would have otherwise been wasted. Low environmental impact and high natural resource conservation has combined to make green construction much more efficient than the construction methods of the past.

Good Economics

Green construction isn’t just good for the environment, though. It’s also good for your wallet, which is one of the most underrated pros of green construction. Green buildings use less energy, which helps building owners save on monthly expenses like electricity and water bills. They also lead to lower overhead and maintenance fees because of their high operating efficiency levels.

Health Benefits

Because of the regulations green construction projects must adhere to, and because of the type of building materials used, green buildings have substantially better indoor air quality than conventional buildings.

The water in green buildings is also less contaminated, leading to better overall health of the people who live and/or work inside them. For all these reasons, green construction has proven itself to be the way of the future.

If you own a green construction company and want to get the word out about the benefits green buildings have to offer us, you need an experienced green construction public relations agency like Orange Orchard. We can help make sure all the right people know all the benefits of green construction.

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