As a non-profit, your animal welfare organization relies on donations to keep the doors open, pay the staff and help the animals in your care.

As you know, the public determines your organization’s fate. If you aren’t reaching enough new donors, you may not be able to help the animals who depend on the success of your fundraising.

But, with an animal welfare public relations strategy, you can widen your reach. This helps appeal to more donors, increase donations and even attract more volunteers.

With a smart PR campaign, your humane organization can further its mission in a variety of ways.

Raise Awareness

With all the non-profit groups in the world, it can be hard to break through the noise. This makes it difficult to reach an audience who wants to hear about your organization. The right PR agency can help you write effective press releases that attract attention. PR professionals also know how to target their outreach to the audiences who will most likely be receptive to your message.

Improve Your Prospects

An effective animal welfare PR campaign sparks interest from the very people who want to get involved. While you may be able to get good coverage from a news article or two, if you aren’t reaching the right audience, you won’t get calls from prospects who want to learn more, volunteer and, most importantly, donate.

Show Your Leadership

Creating ongoing content that shows your organization doing the work that matters. This goes a long way in providing prospective donors with the proof that you mean what you say. If you have a variety of news articles, blog posts and social media content highlighting your leadership, you’re certain to attract new donors.

But, you have a lot of work to do just running your humane organization. The chances that you’ll just “luck” into the right public relations campaign aren’t good. That’s why you need a PR agency that understands your goals and believes in your mission.

The PR professionals at Orange Orchard are also committed to being better stewards of our planet by showing compassion to all animals. We want to use our experience and knowledge to help your animal welfare organization grow.

Let our team showcase your heroes and highlight your mission. Call us today at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online. We want to work with you to get your story out to the right audience so that your coffers are always full.