With social pressure mounting and the evidence of dire need for improvement irrefutable, it’s no wonder that so many companies and brands are targeting 2020 — right around the corner — as a year for major environmental change.

As WAP Sustainability Consulting co-founder William Paddock wrote on the Sustainable Brands blog, “For the sustainability community, 2020 is a particularly important date: 2020 Sustainability Goals have become highly fashionable.”

Noisy Marketplace

In fact, the buzz from so many brands, making “Oh, by the way …” public proclamations of their intent, is becoming increasingly noisy. Even if your company or organization has a groundbreaking initiative to reduce their carbon footprint, will it ever cut through the crowd, be taken seriously and garner the attention it deserves?

At Orange Orchard, we follow enough sustainability news to understand the concern. However, as a public relations agency specializing in the space, we know how to help you differentiate your claim from the sea of me-toos.

How can you get started with public relations?

First, consider and assess your needs. Do you need to roll out a full awareness campaign? Have an announcement to make, but you don’t know how to begin with a press release and distribution to the media? Need to ramp up your social media and create engagement?

Perhaps you aren’t sure what you need — that’s ok, too!

Reaching out with your questions to a sustainability public relations agency is a great place to start. Orange Orchard has an experienced accounts team that can get you the key media placement you deserve, but it shouldn’t stop there. Our in-house content and social media team ensures that all of your messaging remains consistent and that all of your channels remain active and engaging with for your target audience.

We love that you’re ready to hit your sustainability goals in 2020, and we want to help tell that story.

To learn more about an agency ready to tell your sustainability story, please contact Orange Orchard today at (865) 977-1973.