Don’t be fooled into thinking vegan and plant-based should only be marketed to vegans. Non-vegans are jumping on the bandwagon too, making marketing strategies for vegan products a bit more complex. Working with an experienced vegan public relations firm like Orange Orchard can make a difference in this sometimes complicated marketplace.

PR techniques like press releases and earned media coverage are trusted and successful methods of promoting brands, but are best done by an agency with veteran writers and former journalists on staff. They know exactly what gets the media’s attention and have the contacts in place within the industry publications and general news outlets, too. If your business offers vegan options, here are some reasons why using Orange Orchard to promote your vegan products matters:

  • A press release is not just a press release. In today’s world you need a press release strategy that reaches audiences outside of the small vegan community. Just 3% of the population identifies as vegan, yet 90% of vegan food is purchased by non-vegans. We know what publications and reporters, both inside and outside the vegan world, are receptive to covering your products and our press releases are crafted to get attention.
  • Knowing the right way to create a press release makes a difference. While having relationships with media and publication reporters and editors is important, knowing what makes a great press release matters too. Because our staff includes former reporters, we know how to write a press release that gives media what they want and need to cover your story.
  • Pitching a brand or product is an art. Knowing how to pitch a story to the media can make or break your promotion campaign. Reporters and media staff are picky, and most pitches they receive don’t get too far. Studies bear this out, so working with a PR agency that has success pitching its clients’ vegan products is crucial.

Orange Orchard creates effective PR campaigns for clients who offer vegan and plant-based products. As the vegan and plant-based marketplace explodes, capturing the attention of consumers and media is not easy, so partnering with the experts at Orange Orchard makes sense. Visit the website here or call us at (865) 977-1973.