Vegan. It’s almost become a dirty word, hasn’t it? It can mean a lot of different things, depending on who you’re talking to. There’s the camp that thinks vegans are a bunch of tree-huggers who commune with nature and meditate daily. There are folks who automatically picture food that is probably green or brown and can’t taste very good because all the “good” stuff is missing. Some might even cringe a little when they hear “vegan” because they think of extremists who’ll judge you severely — and loudly — for the cheeseburger you’re eating.

Sure, these thoughts probably have some truth to them. Not all vegans or vegan foods are created equal, after all. But, they’re also all misconceptions from folks who are uneducated and don’t understand. This 2021 Sentient Media article might sum it up best:

Veganism is often misconstrued as a celebrity trend or a diet and is sometimes considered an environmental movement. Lots of misinformation and poorly researched content is available online claiming to debunk “vegan propaganda.”

More people are becoming curious about vegan and plant-based options, which is why it’s so important to control the messaging they come across. A vegan public relations agency can help, especially in an industry that’s evolving rapidly. I mean, have you heard about the Berkeley company that’s using AI to create a vegan cheese that actually melts and gets gooey? This could be life-changing for a lot of holdouts who have been hesitant to give up their cheesy goodness.

Cheese could be stopping some folks from exploring healthier and planet-friendly options, but what’s holding your vegan brand back from partnering with a PR agency who understands the industry and can help you share your message?

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