In one major win, pressure from champions of animal welfare and cruelty free entertainment persuaded a ticketing service to cease the sale of tickets to circuses that still feature animals in India. A little further west, Egyptair chose not to renew its contract to transport primates used for research purposes. Companies in transportation, logistics and services supporting entertainment (like ticketing portals) all have the potential to enact tremendous, positive change for animal welfare. If you operate a foundation seeking to catalyze more of these changes, cruelty free public relations can help you reach a wider audience of supporters.

Seeking a partner that not only sympathizes with but supports your cause is step one. Agencies like Orange Orchard specialize in helping foundations like yours make a difference with their story, and choosing a team that shares your goals ensures your messaging will remain genuine.

Petitions, Press Releases and Posts

To maintain a convincing, persuasive message, you need a steady stream of content that creates solid and enthusiastic engagement. It sounds like common sense, right? Many respected foundations and organizations know this well, but it’s a lot of heavy lifting to take on by yourself.

A team specializing in cruelty free public relations with an in-house content team can deliver the copy and results that you need to turn on the pressure. Beginning with a solid petition letter and call to action, your trusted PR partner can not only post it but promote with a dynamic press release and a strategically-timed series of engaging blog posts that drive traffic to your petition.

It doesn’t have to stop there, either. Public relations is a longtail strategy, one that builds momentum – and awareness for your organization – with time. Consider sticking with your partner after the campaign is over to continue strengthening your base of supporters and announcing future events and efforts.

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