While it can be easy to adhere to tradition as you market your animal welfare brand, what’s worked in the past may not yield the same results today or in the future. Staying up to date with trends in the animal welfare sector is vital to keeping your brand top-of-mind for potential donors, volunteers and other supporters.

With the right animal welfare public relations team, you can ensure your brand is trending because they will be keeping up with trends right alongside you.

Follow Social Media Trends

We’re not saying you need to start TikTok dancing. Check out what others in your field are doing on social media. If they have reputable audience engagement, can you identify why that is? What social media topics are trending and how can your team jump on those? What sort of language or tone is popular and how can you match your verbiage to it? Find trends that work for your mission and jump on them.


Get to know others in your space. Discussing trends with others sparks ideas, and networking can encourage partnerships and other collaborations, the mere announcements of which can keep you both trending in the media.

Know Your News

When it comes to animal welfare, there is hard news daily. Maybe there was a wildlife trafficking bust at an airport or a whale successfully transferred into a sanctuary. Find the news that relates to your organization and speak to it as frequently as possible. Your PR team will help identify opportunities for articles, interviews and press releases for you to weigh in on current events.

Keeping up with trends does not mean you suppress your unique voice. On the contrary, it amplifies your mission to the right audience by keeping you relevant and providing a platform no matter what your current industry climate is.

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