Have you heard about Greta Thunberg? She’s a young Swedish activist, who traveled from England to New York City on an emissions-free, solar-powered yacht. She made the trip because she had been invited to take part in the U.N.’s September 2019 climate talks.

Making a statement

Greta has gained a good deal of notoriety because of her trip, which took an astonishing two weeks. She wanted to make a statement and get folks thinking about how emissions can impact the environment. She succeeded, landing numerous interviews and a great deal of media coverage.

Greta didn’t take her trip to get 15 minutes of fame. She did it to make a point and take a stand for something she believes in. As society becomes more environmentally conscious, more organizations and companies are offering eco-friendly alternatives to the status quo. This includes the tourism industry.

Get the word out

At Orange Orchard, we specialize in ecotourism public relations. We love working with organizations that are turning the industry on its head. Many vacationers are looking for more eco-friendly options when it comes to traveling or a getaway, but what are you doing to let folks know your ecotourism option exists?

Our talented team is made of up of content gurus, public relations professionals, former journalists, savvy social strategists and more that can help you put together a plan that will offer you the opportunity to tell your story to the masses. Greta was able to make a worldwide impact by finding a platform to discuss her beliefs and goals. We can help you do the same.

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