If your company is making an honest effort to go green with eco-friendly initiatives, kudos to you. At Orange Orchard, we sincerely respect your desire and efforts to make the world and all beings living in it a better place. The lessened environmental impact you will have should be reward and incentive enough to pursue these initiatives, but you needn’t look far in 2018 for financial reasons to be a genuinely green company as well.

Besides government-funded incentives and savings from decreased energy spending, the profitability benefits to being known publicly as a green company are clear. A report on the green industry compiling data from 60 countries indicates that more than half of consumers will pay premiums for eco-friendly products and services. With more shoppers than ever taking environmental consciousness into consideration before purchasing a product or service, it’s vital that your customer base knows about your eco-friendly programs and offerings.

Speaking of your base, don’t forget about the value of being known as eco-friendly to your other stakeholders as well. This includes both internal and external stakeholders such as investors, suppliers and the communities in which you serve. Companies desiring to be truly green are increasingly attractive to investors, and your eco-friendly efforts will be well-received by employees and the communities you serve.

Of course, with environmental concerns, efforts and follies begin covered by the media every day, there’s much more to consider than simply announcing yourself as green to your target audiences. For example, if you announce a new initiative to make all of your products animal-friendly yet continue to dump waste into a nearby lake or tributary, your company may be accused of “green washing.” Green washing is the concept of a company that isn’t actually eco-friendly but heavily advertises one or two minor improvements in an attempt to appear green for financial benefit, and it’s being watched more closely every day.

Partnering with a highly specialized environmental public relations agency like Orange Orchard can help make sure you’re ready to go public with your eco-friendly efforts, help announce the changes to your stakeholders in a proper and timely manner, and also help navigate an increasingly scrutinizing landscape.

To find out more about effectively announcing your eco-friendly initiatives to your stakeholders, contact Orange Orchard today.