Many consumers love the idea of sustainable travel, but aren’t sure where to start. Purposeful public relations will help promote your brand’s mission, but will also educate your community along the way. Sustainable travel means travelers can avoid the exploitation of natural resources and visit areas that work hard to conserve the environment and support the local people. To build a community that supports sustainable travel, you may need to do some education campaigns and bring an awareness to the benefits of mindful travel.

Events and trainings

With so many tourism companies to choose from, how can you be sure that your brand is top of mind? Brand awareness requires visibility both digitally and in person. One way to accomplish this is through social media platforms. However, to truly connect to your community requires public engagement as well. Education summits with philanthropic-focused itineraries are a great way to gain visibility. Through live events, you will also earn media coverage. It’s a win-win!

Discussion and education

Educational opportunities help improve brand recognition and increase clients. Events and trainings are great starting discussion points, but to continue the conversation takes other forms of education. That’s where an experienced ecotourism public relations agency can help. Whitepapers, blogs, and email newsletters with guidelines and eco-friendly travel tips are just a few ways to effectively advertise your ecotourism business. Literature that’s made accessible online makes it easy for current customers to pass the information along to others. By sharing tips and travel hacks, you open the door to partnerships for years to come.

Partnerships and collaboration
Once you’ve attended and hosted events, started educating your community promoting your mission on social media, you’re ready to grow. There are many like-minded individuals and organizations who believe in sustainable travel and eco-friendly alternatives. Don’t be shy. Collaboration leads to a much larger network and ultimately, more customers!

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