When a team isn’t working together, the outcome rarely meets the expectations. When looking for a vegan public relations partner, it’s important that PR agency understands your goals.

A team like Orange Orchard PR is experienced in helping the vegan industry achieve those objectives. Whether you’re a restaurant or a makeup brand, the formula is the same, news coverage is key.

Is your goal more brand awareness? Is it to let people know the importance of veganism for our furry friends? Is it to position yourself as a trusted brand? It’s important to communicate specifics related to your goals for a strategic and effective plan to be made. Maybe, if you haven’t yet identified your branding goals, an experienced PR agency can help you understand what’s been effective for others in your industry and make recommendations.

Regardless of the goals, getting your brand strategic, positive earned news coverage is going to help reach them.

Need more brand awareness? Exhibit A: Impossible Foods recently launched several frozen vegan meals according to VegNews. You can have your company occupy the headline in a similar article too. This is a vegan company, reaching a vegan audience, and is one example of the importance of having a PR agency who understands your goals. A team like Orange Orchard can put your news in front of the right crowd.

If you run out of store openings, product announcements or other typical company news, fear not. Vegan public relations extend beyond the headlines. We can help position a spokesperson as a source on an ongoing story in the media. We can get you on a podcast that speaks to your audience. There are a number of ways to position your brand as thought leaders and experts through the media.

If you want to learn more and reach your goals, give Orange Orchard a call at 865-977-1973 or contact us online.