Want to promote the vegan lifestyle in your local community? Vegan Festivals are popping up all over the world. A veganfest is a great opportunity to connect with local vegans as well as introduce non-vegans to the benefits of the plant-based lifestyle and the importance of animal welfare. Specifically, a vegan fest can showcase the local businesses who provide cruelty-free products and services as well as encourage fellow vegans in their desire to bring world change.

To get the word out about your veganfest, you need the right PR to secure vendor sponsors and draw attendees. Whether your city already has a thriving veganfest or you’re dreaming of starting one, vegan public relations experts can make all the difference in growing your event year after year and furthering your message. You need to develop a message that will connect with vegans as well as raise the interest of a non-vegan audience. In order to secure vendor sponsors, you need to adequately promote your message so prospective vendors believe the event is worth their time. Orange Orchard recently partnered with Knoxville vegans to promote the city’s first ever vegan festival, ScruffyCity VeganFest. We worked with the local media to bring coverage to the event and increase attendance.

We believe change agents can change the world, and connecting those change agents to each other is incredibly powerful. Orange Orchard can work with your team to develop a promotional plan that’s right for your event and location. We will develop your message to fit your audience in a way that’s both approachable as well as ignites change, all while remaining within your budget. A few of our services include content development, social media management, working with local vegan influencers and bloggers, and developing press releases for relevant media.

Ask us about our veganfest promo package and how we can take your veganfest to the next level!