Whether you are opening your first location or your fifth, a grand opening is always a big deal. It’s the perfect opportunity to create that positive first impression. This is the day when you can introduce your products to a brand-new audience or further establish yourself as the brand of choice for your current customers. It’s a major accomplishment, so you should celebrate it as such.

But with all the preparation it takes to make it to the grand opening, you may have overlooked one important aspect – how do you promote it? While purchasing a large number of ads could help drive traffic to your new vegan location, there is another option that may help more people discover your excellent event. That alternative is vegan public relations.

Vegan PR agencies, like Orange Orchard, have years of experience working with plant-based and vegan companies. With several of our experts being vegan or vegetarian, they know first-hand what you want to accomplish, and they are motivated to help. With something as important as a grand opening, trust in those who share similar values and experiences.

In addition to experience, our experts also use proven strategies that maximize outreach for your grand opening. The first measure is drafting a press release with the important details about your grand opening. Our experts will pitch this ready-for-print release to trusted publications in your area to help generate buzz around your grand opening. Using targeted outreach, our specialists will work with the perfect outlets that will help increase exposure for your event. This can result in earned media opportunities as well as a journalist covering the event.

The press release isn’t the only tool we use to promote your vegan business and its grand opening. Our experts also utilize proactive media outreach. This allows our experts to pitch you as the thought leader in your space and help build more momentum toward your grand opening date. Interviews with trusted journalists can help build both credibility and excitement for your new location.

If you are ready to gain exposure for your grand opening, give our experts a call at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online.