Your employees. Your investors. Your suppliers. Your stockholders. Your government representatives.

All these people are examples of the stakeholders you depend on to keep your vegan-based business running at optimum levels.

But are you effectively communicating with each of these differing groups of people well? Do they know what your values are and that you will implement your vegan values into all aspects of your organization and the people it serves?

Hire an agency that speaks your language

At Orange Orchard, we champion the vegan and plant-based lifestyle as part of our overall belief in helping the planet. We are uniquely able to find ways to help you better communicate your vegan belief system to the various stakeholders you must reach daily.

An email campaign to your employees might be the best way to convey information to them. An online presentation might work to reach your investors or suppliers. But a project report might be optimal for your stockholders.

No matter what the challenge is, a plant-based pr agency can help you develop a plan for each stakeholder group.

Jumping through the changing views on veganism

Several decades ago, a message built on vegan values might have been met with ambiguity. That ambiguity may have turned into hostility a few years later and is now more of a positive mainstream value, research says. The reason for this changing view is public relations and its impact on how average citizens view the topic.

There is no reason to only put the power of vegan or plant-based pr to use on educating the public-at-large when you can also use it to keep your stakeholders informed as well. If you are ready to develop a strategy to keep your stakeholders involved and educated, call Orange Orchard today at (865) 977-1973 or contact us on our website.