While sustainable travel and ecotourism at large are growing in popularity, encouraging explorers to visit your destination will become increasingly difficult. With tight budgets, limited time and mounting safety concerns, travelers are already more selective than ever in choosing their getaways. Proponents of planet-friendly expeditions and lodging are typically looking for immersive experiences, so to capture their attention, it’s important to ensure they know the full story about your destination. Partnering with an agency experienced with ecotourism public relations is a great place to start.

Tell them your past, present and future

Sustainable travel often lands tourists in the most beautiful corners of the world, but the richness of the experience comes from something deeper than crystal clear waterways and lush, green canopies. You have a story to tell, and it’s often one of human and natural history, an indigenous people benefiting from the revenue and plans for preservation in the years to come.

If you have an agency on your side that truly understands your story, like Orange Orchard, it’s easier to translate your passion into strong calls to action across your platforms to potential guests. It’s also easier to attract the attention of travel writers looking for their next destination to spotlight.

Beginning with a discovery phase and through the development of a comprehensive ecotourism public relations strategy, the right agency will tell your story through compelling and easy to find blogs, official press releases announcing the latest developments at your destination and earned media placements garnered through effective outreach.

By understanding the depth of the experience, the knowledge they stand to gain and the positive impact their spending will have for your destination, travelers will move you to the top of their list of dream ecotourism trips.

Don’t rely on beautiful pictures alone. Contact Orange Orchard at (865) 977-1973 today to begin sharing the best parts of your story with your next guests.