Plant-based options are increasingly popular and staples for many US households.

According to a report released by Instacart on leading vegan resource, The Beet, plant-based milk adoption rate increased by 27 percent through 2020 and continues to rise, especially in populations aged below 35 years old.

Similarly, plant-based meats saw tremendous growth in 2020 as the flexitarian movement continues to gain traction.

Although it is clear that healthier, more sustainable options are growing in popularity, many people continue to have reservations.

Plant based public relations can be a great way to get in front of mainstream audiences and sceptics to build their familiarity and interest in your products.

When deciding how to attract new streams of customers, here is a question to consider:

What mainstream issues does your product address?

By positioning your brand and team as being part of a solution to an issue, people who may not otherwise consider plant-based options may be willing to listen to what you have to say.

Discussing hot-button issues like beef’s impact on climate change or the low quality of conventional animal-based pet foods on mainstream media platforms can be a great way to build credibility.

By utilizing existing relationships and industry credibility, the right PR partner can help garner media opportunities so that you can weigh in as an expert on trendy topics.

There are many angles that vegan companies can take to capitalize on trending topics and showcase your expertise to win more customers and the experts at Orange Orchard are here to help you.

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