Consumers are changing, and no business wants to get left behind.

In 2019, it seems like every major brand has realized the same thing: More consumers than ever want plant-based food options, and they’ll pay good money to get them. Meanwhile, concerns about the health of the environment have finally gone mainstream, and potential customers are paying attention to the efforts of companies that do business in a truly sustainable way.

Now is the time for businesses that produce plant-based products to introduce their brands to the broader public through a vegan public relations strategy.

Giving Consumers What They Want

The most successful businesses understand that these desires aren’t fads. Consumers have changed, and ignoring their priorities is a slow road to failure. Recognizing the new reality, two entertainment giants recently announced plans to accommodate vegetarians and vegans.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line introduced a vegan menu in August, allowing diners who choose a plant-based diet to enjoy the same three-course dinner experience as meat-eating guests. The Walt Disney Company also announced it will offer vegan and plant-based options at all of their U.S. parks and resort restaurants.

Growing Demand

It’s not just the entertainment industry listening. As the market for plant-based meat alternatives continues to grow, the quick service restaurant sector is seeing a major opportunity. Burger King’s decision to debut the Impossible Whopper nationwide has paid off significantly. Not to be left out, McDonald’s recently began testing a new plant-based burger in partnership with Beyond Meat in Canada.

We Can Help

Orange Orchard’s team of experienced plant-based public relations experts knows how to build the B2B connections that will make your food products a success, whether you’re trying to build the next great vegan burger or offer a plant-based alternative to bacon. If you want to join the plant-based revolution, we can help. Call Orange Orchard at (865)-977-1973 or contact us online.