Even more so than for-profits, a nonprofit foundation’s success lies in a clean, untattered reputation and sterling public appearance.

Perhaps you’ve invested in a PR campaign to tell your story to the public and enhance visibility of your mission, but there’s much more an agency experienced in nonprofit public relations can do to help keep your messaging clear and on point than simply issue press releases and secure interviews.

An agency experienced in nonprofit foundation public relations like Orange Orchard can build early value by offering effective internal communication plans for your team as well as training your primary spokespersons to make the most of media opportunities once they’re secured.

Preparation is key

Journalists don’t usually have unsavory intentions, nor are the majority of them itching to write a hit piece on your foundation and cause. Interviews, however, can still be a tricky interaction to navigate. Two of the most common hurdles to overcome are journalists reaching out to an employee not authorized — or trained — to be a spokesperson or simply being asked questions you’re not prepared to answer.

Media Policies: An official document for internal use only, a media policy will put in writing exactly who at your nonprofit foundation is authorized to speak to members of the press. It will also help remind unauthorized employees what do if approached by a journalist.

Media Training: Once your nonprofit foundation decides on its primary spokesperson(s), it’s a good idea to invest in media training. Media training will not only teach best practices for delivering your key messages and avoiding common verbal traps, it will coach correct body language for broadcast segments.

Leave nothing to chance

Nonprofit foundations succeed largely based on reputation, and that can be won or lost when placed under the public eye. It’s absolutely critical that before partnering with an agency for media outreach and recognition, you make sure that agency is prepared to equip your spokespersons with the tools they need to ace their next interview.

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