The bottom line. It’s one of the most important parts of running a business, isn’t it? And there’s so many different factors that can affect it. Revenue. Salaries. Operating expenses. You name it. It seems there’s always a bill to pay or an extra cost you didn’t expect. It can be a lot to deal with, right?

As budgets get tighter, business leaders have to take a good hard look at expenditures and decide if and where costs should be decreased. Many times, PR can be one of the first to go. But there are plenty of good reasons why that’s not a good idea. I’ll narrow it down to three, though. Here’s why your company needs to keep a plant-based and vegan public relations partnership in your budget.

Maintaining visibility:  We can keep your business front and center in front of your target audiences. That might be potential customers or it could be potential investors. Maybe both. Public relations can help boost brand awareness and keep a spotlight on your business.

Mastering social: Establishing social media presences on the right platforms is vital to business growth. With the right set of tools and experts in your corner, you can connect with your audience and position yourself as a thought leader in the industry.

Boosting credibility: Marketing and advertising can both be valuable avenues of exposure. But organic exposure and earned media can help give your brand authenticity. Public relations can help you become a trusted leader and valuable source of information for both your customer base and media outlets.

It can take time to build momentum with public relations, but it can be one of the most valuable business partnerships you’ll have. Contact us today to find out how Orange Orchard can fit in your strategy.