With a mission like animal welfare, you want to ensure you have a well-rounded marketing plan. Paid media (ads) and owned media (website, blogs, social media) are important, but earned media is where trust is really built with your target audience.

Through animal welfare public relations, earned media allows your mission to be shared in a completely different way.

Earned media gives you references

Creating positive media exposure through press releases, articles and interviews allows your mission to be told in the third person. When applying for a job, your potential employer expects you to brag on yourself, but they will better trust your words when they’re backed by your list of references. Through PR, earned media can be a growing list of references.

Earned media creates loyalty

An animal welfare PR agency like Orange Orchard knows your target audience and what media they pay attention to. When your brand is visible in those media outlets, you are creating loyalty with your target audience, making you top-of-mind when they’re considering brands to support.

Earned media builds on itself

Once you earn an article placement in a magazine or an interview on a conservation podcast, your PR consultants can leverage that earned media for, you guessed it, more earned media.

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