If your sustainability-focused company is still on the fence about partnering with an environmental public relations team like Orange Orchard, consider for a moment that the benefits extend beyond netting more stories in valued media outlets and simply creating brand awareness.

Once an interview is secured, will you be prepared for any curveballs the reporter may throw your way?

Have you taken time to develop a communications plan that outlines your key messages, and have you synced “push-button responses” with all company spokespersons so your answers remain consistent in the public eye?

Do they know how to react to reporters hoping to provoke an emotional response?

If not, let’s take a look at the value of joining forces with a seasoned media relations team before attempting to manage your outreach in-house.

Planning and training

Whether it’s through new processes, innovative green tech or simply providing eco-friendly solutions to common problems, your company’s goal is to make at least one part of our daily lives more sustainable for the planet. Similarly, we want to make media relations more sustainable for you from the initial interview coordination all the way through to enjoying the printed story.

First, every environmental brand needs a solid PR communications plan. Since we specialize in sustainable public relations, we understand that with a globally heightened awareness of our impact on the planet also comes a finer level of scrutiny for brands claiming to fight the good fight. Green washing is all too common now, and it’s critical to have your messaging down to a science.

At Orange Orchard, we’ll work closely with you to clearly refine and list your key messages in a comprehensive plan prior to our outreach. The plan will also officially establish your primary approved spokespersons to eliminate any confusion about who should be speaking with the press.

After finalizing the plan and outlining our tactics, we can provide media training for your spokespersons. Even if your go-to interviewee has an abundance of natural talent for speaking and an engaging presence, knowing how to navigate surprise questions, statements meant to provoke a response and “off-the-record” moments is important.

While the experience gained from participating in more interviews over time will ultimately make the biggest difference for your spokespersons, there’s no reason to start at zero. Going into interviews with clear messaging at hand and basic training will grant the confidence necessary to make early media appearances a success.

To learn more about how we can help your environmental company prepare for a memorable presence in the media, contact us at Orange Orchard today at (865) 977-1973.