As vegan products continue to increase in popularity, many brands aim to gain an edge over the competition. One of the best ways to increase your chances of being found by a customer is through a successful SEO plan.

Working closely with the right vegan public relations partner to develop and earned media and site blog plan is a great way to bolster your SEO but why should your brand consider doing so? Here are three ways and reasons that SEO is critical to your business’s success in 2022.

  • The first step to understanding the power of SEO is to truly understand why it’s important. SEO is different from other marketing and PR tactics as it gives your brand the power to reach customers who are seeking information on their own and direct them to your brand as a product, service, or resource.
  • According to Search Engine Watch, 60% of Google traffic click on the sites that appear in the first three results. Many companies cannot afford to not appear as close to the top of the results as possible.
  • Good SEO and relevant content go hand in hand. Developing great content on your site and providing insight that customers need to learn more about the industry and trends is rewarded with SEO brownie points, which pulls in more people to your site, which in turn boosts your brand recognition.

When harnessed properly, SEO can increase your chances of a customer finding your brand more efficiently and can help work to increase your brand recognition. The team at Orange Orchard understands that vegan businesses all have a unique story to tell. Your PR representation should take the time to understand your voice and topics that make sense for you to speak to. We pride ourselves on a proven method of white-glove onboarding and taking the time to understand our client’s brand identity and voice. If you have questions or would like to learn more, give us a call at (865) 977-1973.