Vegan burgers have come a long way, baby

Long gone are the days when a veggie burger was plucked from a restaurant freezer and clonked like a hockey puck on a kitchen counter for uninspired preparation.

Restaurants today have many high-quality options to cater to their vegan customers. The Cheesecake Factory offers vegan burgers made with brown rice, mushrooms and black beans, Vegans can enjoy a black bean and avocado burger at TGI Fridays. Even Denny’s and White Castle offer savory vegan burger options

Even if you offer the best vegan burger in town, however, your customers aren’t going to order it if they don’t know about it. That’s where the plant-based food public relations experts at Orange Orchard come in. We can work with restaurant owners to market their vegan foods. Here are five things we can do for you to promote your healthy burgers.

  1. Media outreach. We can use our proprietary media database to garner your vegan burgers some attention. The popularity of vegan burgers is increasing, and if you have operated a meat-‘n’-three establishment for decades, your vegan offering is newsworthy.
  2. Social media. We can promote your healthy plant-based option on social media. Perhaps you have a new plant-based vegan burger concoction or an animal welfare concern you want to highlight. How about a naming contest on social media? We know the ins and outs of social media contest rules so you won’t get dinged by the platform. Or maybe you can take a page from restaurants who offer traditional burgers and feature a vegan burger and local craft beer special.
  3. Online reviews. We can update your Yelp and Google profiles with your new meat-free product, and gauge the reception and response. We are skilled in crafting reviews that neither alienate customers now throw your business under the bus.

Contact Orange Orchard for more information on how we can promote vegan burgers as a viable burger option even for carnivores. And we look forward to trying your meat-free burger!