Solving the Vegan Identity Crisis

When you make sweeping lifestyle changes, why do you make them? Maybe you’re making a commitment to lose weight, exercise or eat healthier. Maybe you’re going plastic-free or even stopping smoking. For changes like these, your reasoning has to be very personal. It has to carry meaning and conviction for you.

The plant-based food movement is facing a crisis of reasoning right now, and plant-based public relations agencies are facing it right along with them. For those who choose to go meatless due to convictions about animal cruelty or the environmental impacts of meat production, engineered or processed meat substitutes like the Impossible Whopper are great news. Meanwhile, many health-based vegans decry these products as “vegan junk food.”

As Jenny Splitter wrote recently in Forbes:

Saving the world is a tall order, even for the tastiest plant-based burger, but saving the food system might be just a little more complicated, requiring more than market forces or a technology solution like these burgers.

So, is a plant-based diet about saving the world or saving your health?

Why Not Both?

Fortunately for consumers, going plant-based is not a zero-sum game. Just like exercising or reducing waste, there are plenty of ways to approach this lifestyle change and plenty of products to help you achieve your goals.

The course isn’t as smooth for plant-based and vegan brands, though. As the market responds to demand for plant-based foods and meat substitutes, it’s getting tougher to stand out from the crowd, to establish your “why” as well as your “what.”

We Can Help

If you are struggling to differentiate your plant-based or vegan brand, Orange Orchard can help you. Our public relations experts are already familiar with the forces at work in your industry, along with the reasons consumers will reach for your brand. We can hone your message and make sure it’s reaching the right eyes and ears.

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