A compelling white paper that provides readers with new and useful information not only asserts your role as a thought-leader in today’s eco-friendly market, it also drives potential customers toward your green tech initiative.

But because you’re busy actually developing and implementing your green technology, you may not have the time you need to devote to writing and publishing a white paper that explains how your product or service can help save the planet.

That’s where a green technology public relations agency like Orange Orchard comes in.

Passion matters

The team at Orange Orchard is passionate about the environment and promoting new ideas and technologies than can help preserve it. We care about your product or service and want to take your message and deliver it to the world.

Green tech pr takes your objectives and educates your potential clients with in-depth descriptions of your methods and detailed explanations of your practices, goals and outcomes.

Turning White Papers Green

Education on environmental issues is an ongoing process and sometimes requires more complex explanations in order to persuade potential investors or clients to take up your mantle to achieve sustainability goals.

White papers are the perfect medium for advancing the complex. They introduce a new product or service while detailing industry trends, discussing a customer’s pain points and explaining how your product or service works to alleviate that problem. The result is a more educated audience who understands why your green technology is needed and how it can benefit both them and the planet.

Not only are white papers cited as a key source of information by 70 percent of professionals when making a strategic decision, they are also valuable in lead generation, lead nurturing and driving engagement, according to recent studies.

White papers also create new opportunities for more positive public relations actions because they can often be announced with a press release, pushed out on your social media sites and even be used to generate blog posts discussing the individual merits of intricate details. These, in turn, give your idea more exposure than a one-time event.

If you’re ready to put your brand in the spotlight and advance your green technology beyond simple messages and sloganeering, call Orange Orchard and let our team position your brand as an industry expert. Visit our website or call us today at (865) 977-1973.