Movements start with an idea and a person behind that idea that cares deeply about change. The same goes for your animal welfare organization. You have a group of people that care about providing a better life for animals, and your team is working diligently towards your goals. However, the organization may need an added boost to scale upwards and reach its fullest potential, which is where animal welfare public relations comes in.

There are tons of public relations agencies out there, but they often do not understand nor share the values and missions of animal welfare organizations. There are some important points to consider when partnering with a public relations team to make sure they understand your brand and can garner the attention your foundation deserves.

  1. Shared Vision

Think of playing tug-o-war. If people are pulling the rope in two different directions, the rope isn’t going to move either way, and the relationship between PR agency and your animal welfare foundation works the same way. It’s imperative to make sure you both share a vision with likeminded goals so you can both be pulling the rope in the same direction.

  1. Been There, Done That

Have you ever ridden in the car with a teenage driver? It’s pretty scary, isn’t it? They’ve never operated a vehicle before and often don’t know what to look for on the roads, and the same could be said for a PR agency that hasn’t worked with animal welfare organizations before. Your animal welfare foundation deserves a special care and attention that regular PR agencies can’t provide, so by partnering with an experienced, specialized agency, you’re setting your organization up for success.

  1. In It to Win It

The ultimate goal of an animal welfare foundation is to champion better lives for all animal life. It’s important that your PR agency be “in it to win it” the same way our organization is. Your foundation deserves a PR agency that can help you promote animal welfare initiatives by providing key services that highlight your goals and good works.

Generating positive PR can be tricky, so it’s important to team up with an agency that will fight for your foundation’s cause and champion the same goals and missions you do. At Orange Orchard, we understand your goals and we share the same beliefs as your organization. With years of experience in animal welfare public relations, we’re more than ready to start promoting your brand and telling people of your good works. Ready to come aboard? Give us a call at (865) 977-1973 or visit our website.